goclean waterless

  • TIRE CREAM is is a water-based, solvent-free, and VOC free formula that provides great shine to tires and vinyl surfaces in one easy application. Natural agents help give your tires a deep black shine and protects them from yellowing, fading and UV damage.  Can also be used to protect other rubber, vinyl or leather surfaces.  

    • Components: Biodegradable surfactants, degreasers and polymers
    • VOC Compliant, Non-hazardous
    • Caution: Possible Eye Irritant
    • 100% Recyclable packaging
    • Made in Canada.

For Cleaning and Protecting Tires

Tire Cream uses plant based agents, surfactants and polymers to shine, protect and rejuvenate tires. Typical tire dressings use solvent based agents and topical oils which leave tires greasy, and can leach out and remove protective components from the tire causing them to yellow and prematurely crack. We deleted the need to use silicone and petroleum from this product. Tire Cream is great to use not only on tires but also on vinyl and rubber surfaces. Also, with the soft reusable foam applicator, Tire Cream can be applied evenly and easily. Tire Cream was designed to dry extremely quick, not sling, and protects tires up to 4 weeks.

How it Works

Tire Cream is applied easily to a cleaned tire using the foam applicator we provide. It is designed to have superior cling to keep it on tires and give tires a great gloss look for weeks. Apply Tire Cream anywhere you want a high gloss shine! For unriveled protection and finish tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, vinyl, and dashboards. We suggest cleaning tires with heavy Duty Spot cleaner before using Tire Cream.

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