Go far. Go stylishly. Goclean.

Typical car washes require tons of equipment, water, and chemical-based cleaners that create run-off and wreak havoc on local ecosystems. We’re not about that. But we are about keeping our prized vehicles clean and sleek. So we invented a way to clean them without the nasty side effects.

From preparing luxury Rolls Royce displays on the showroom floor, to wiping off the remains of early morning soccer games from your SUV, every car can look its Sunday best with Goclean – the natural, totally Waterless car wash spray that won’t harm its passengers OR the environment! Keep your car looking sharper for longer with Goclean.

  • No Water Necessary – Goclean is especially great for those who don’t have access to hoses or must comply with water restrictions. You’ll never need water for an exceptional wash ever again!
  • Leave the Buckets and Hoses Behind – All that’s required for your car to look like new?,  A bottle of Goclean and a microfiber cloth.
  • More Bang For Your Buff – A 24 fl. oz. (700 mL) bottle of Goclean yields 3-to-5 washes.
  • A Greener Clean – The soaps, emollients, and natural waxes in Goclean are all plant-based and biodegradable. Plus, we never use silicone or petroleum!
  • Use Indoor or Out – The non-toxic formula doesn’t force you to fumigate when cleaning your car!

The Eco Waterless Car Wash for a Better World

You may have noticed that water conservation is one of Goclean’s biggest missions. That’s because we consider ourselves friends of Mother Nature, and eliminating the need for water in Goclean is part of our effort to sustain global water. After all, we’re partners on the same planet; we’re members of the same universe.

Don't waste one drop of water on another wash.

  • Comprises of of 1 x 650ml Spray Bottle, 1 x 4L Refill Jug and 6 x (16x16") 350 GSM Plush Microfiber towels 
  • SUPERIOR CLEAN & UNPARALLELED PROTECTION – With a simple spritz, wipe, and shine, Goclean waterless wash and wax lifts dirt and smudges from your car’s surface to leave behind a clear UV sheen! This protective coat prevents dirt and grease build-up, water spots, and scratches to your exterior.
  • SUSTAINABLE & SPOTLESS – Goclean requires ZERO water for a spotless shine. Plus, our natural, biodegradable detailing spray is safe for the planet. Plant-based soaps wipe away grime without the help of any silicone, petroleum, or toxins!
  • FULLY WASHED IN 15 MINUTES – That’s right! It takes less than 15 minutes to use our wash wax all over your vehicle. You can quickly and effortlessly leave your ride looking brand new. Simply spray on and wipe clean with a microfiber towel making small circles on solid surfaces like paint, glass, chrome, trim, wheels, and more.
  • AS SEEN ON SCREEN – The Goclean team made our debut when we won a deal on Canada’s hit TV show DRAGON’S DEN! After such amazing success, we still proudly develop our full line of silicone-free, sustainable car care products in Canada and test each one in-house for guaranteed quality.


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