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  • WATERLESS CAR WASH & WAX: Expertly formulated to clean your car's exterior without the use of H2O, our exclusive plant-based waterless car wash prevents toxic runoffs that pollute our water supplies, crops, plants & breathing air.

    ECO-FRIENDLY SPOT CLEANER: Made in Canada & designed to target extra tough grease or salt stains + bird droppings, front grills & dirty engines, our biodegradable spot cleaner washes those stubborn spots without the need for water.

    SILICONE-FREE TIRE CLEANER: The Eco-conscious car cleaning supplies we carry are all developed with formulas that are 100% silicone-free & gentle on the environment. Plant-based but highly effective, our tire shine is a top seller.

    ULTRA SOFT DRYING TOWELS: Crafted out of premium grade microfiber, the EIGHT 16x16” car cleaning towels included in this premium car cleaning kit ensure a smooth finish when used with our no-water car cleaning products.

    UNIQUE CAR WASHING GIFTS: As they've been featured on Dragon's Den, the products in these waterless wash bundles by Goclean make excellent car lover gifts for men, women & teens who love to take care of their own vehicles.

    • Components: Biodegradable surfactants, degreasers and polymers
    • VOC Compliant, Non-hazardous
    • Caution: Possible Eye Irritant
    • 100% Recyclable packaging
    • Made in Canada.

Product Details

Goclean No-Water Car Cleaning Kit – Car Washing & Cleaning Products with Sustainable Formulas

Most car washing supplies contain toxic chemicals that wash away built up dirt & grime. The problem with this is these pollutants end up contaminating water runoff. The solution? We here at Goclean have created car washing products that require absolutely NO water to activate. That's right. Our car wash products clean without polluting the planet! Better yet, the unique formulas of car cleaning essentials are naturally sustainable.

☆ ✔ 24oz Waterless Car Wash Formulated to rapidly lift tough dirt, grease & buildup from the exterior of your car while also leaving it with a high shine thanks to the blended in auto wax, our waterfree car cleaning gel eliminates grime & protects your paint job from UV penetration & other elements.

☆ ✔ 17oz Vehicle Spot Cleaner: Never again scrub away at stubborn spots. This car wash spot cleaner features a fortified formula that quickly removes brake dust, animal droppings, greasy goos, tar, tree sap & more from your car. It's safely 100% biodegradable, non-toxic & unbelievably easy to use.  

☆ ✔ 17oz Spray-On Tire Shine: Though it shines & cleans your wheels, our tire cleaning spray also protects the rubber from premature cracking & yellowing by conditioning it with a non-silicone coating. Safe, plant-based & packaged in an easy spray bottle, the waterless tire shine is a must-have.  

☆ ✔ 2 Soft Microfiber Towels: Each Goclean car wash & wax kit also comes with a pair of 16x16” square car washing microfiber towels. The material is ultra soft, lint-free & reusable. Use the washable car cleaning microfiber towels to wipe off the waterless car wash wax, the spot cleaner or the tire shine.  

It's time to ride in a clean car with a clean conscious. Order your Goclean 5pc Car Washing Kit today!

Our Mantra

The GoClean line of products are made with sustainability in mind. We wish to reduce the environmental impact that comes with keeping your car clean. We are committed to providing top quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products to our consumers.

When it comes to our products; you are not our customer, you are our partner!

GoClean: Members of the Universe.

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